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T-Money cards are the shit

Posted 07-24-2009 at 09:49 PM by Camo Ho

T-Money cards are credit card sized cards that are magnetized to be read by systems in the public transportation units around Korea.


A link might help, but it is an amazing system and I can't wait to see if the US starts implementing it for public transportation in major cities. Maybe they have? I've never lived in a major US city with any type of functional transportation system.

I can go into my neighborhood convenience store and recharge it before hitting the us and I can even use it to pay when I need a bottle of water and am cashless while out. Then I can hop a bus (Scanning my card in and out at each door) and get on the subway at a reduced rate for transferring and even use the card to pay for almost any cab ride, as most cabs have the system. And I can used it to pay tolls when I am driving through the tunnels or to the airport and some major spots can even accept it to pay for parking in their lots.

It reminds me of the Fast Pay system, Visa or whomever initiated a few years back. Just wave your card over the censor and off you go. It's just such an ingenious system and it really keeps things moving fast in this city.
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