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Posted 02-18-2009 at 04:00 AM by terra

Oooooookay, baby, I'm ready! You can come ouuuuut nooooow.


I only have one day's worth of evening primrose oil left. I have been predicting today to be Baby Day pretty much since conception. My midwife mentioned, based on my other babies, she thought it might be around today. (I was so excited to hear her prediction matched mine without me sharing mine.) My husband [i]used me as an excuse[/i] to work from home yesterday, saying that I was having contractions (I wasn't) but that it was probably a false alarm (which I told him made me sound like an over-reacting ninny). He was hoping I would go into labor before he had to go in today. :lmao At least one of my doulas has indicated today would be perfect for her. :lol OH, and my house will be cleaned between 10amish and noonish.

And I am not super antsy. I am just looking forward to the next stage. Finally. Took me long enough. :lol

Of course, NOW I am worrying all that zen will push me to 41w5d before I can have my stinking baby. :lol I mean, not really, but the thought did occur to me. :paranoia

I am trying to think back with my daughter, my mindset, because it was so much better than with my second. I really want to say I felt like this- ready but not anxious- when she arrived. So, hopefully that hasn't been holding anything back.
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    Come on out baby!
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