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The Benefits of Wide Spacing

Posted 04-19-2009 at 08:31 AM by terra

And other related stuff.

I anticipated some of the joys of having this baby so far after my older two, such as having the big kids be big helpers, and being able to sneak the occasional nap during school hours. I didn't see everything coming, though.

I didn't realize how much calmer I would be with him. Maybe he is a calmer baby, or maybe I am older and calmer, but at the end of the day, we are not stressed out, usually. I don't panic over every little quirk.

I didn't realize how much I would ENJOY all of the baby stuff. I remembered enjoying the big kids as babies, but forgot about how... visceral it can all be. I am fully immersed in his little being.

I had hoped, but did not realize how easy nursing could be. Things were so hard with my oldest because I had flat nipples, and then so hard with my second, because of his tone and metabolism issues. This times, things have just... happened. As they are supposed to. We had some soreness in the early days, but it was very much like what they describe in the books, and now that his mouth is bigger, pretty much a non-issue.

I didn't realize the kind of time I would have to play one-on-one with him. I had that kind of time with my daughter, but my son missed out for the most part. Now I can take the positive of both those styles- focused and relaxed- and combine them in a way where I expose him to learning without making him into a trained monkey performing tricks.

I didn't realize how easy it could be to keep his exposure to TV limited. When my son was a baby, the TV was on frequently, for my toddler daughter. Now, when the kids watch TV, it isn't in the same room as the baby. And it isn't an all-day thing.

I didn't realize that babies DO sometimes sleep well, without massive effort from their parents. I know that this could pass, so am trying to not get too comfortable, but it is very nice to have a baby that will occasionally stay asleep in his car seat, even when I move it to the stroller or to the bedroom. And who will sleep in the sidecar crib! And who will get blocks of sleep at night, and semi-predictable naps during the day.

Pregnancy was harder being older, but, for now, parenting is a little easier, with experience under my belt, and bigger kids who need a little less hands-on parenting. I am so glad we did this, had our "bonus baby", and cannot imagine how it could be any better.


Happy Two Month Birthday, Cbaby Chubbutt.
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