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The Birth of KBaby

Posted 04-27-2011 at 10:02 AM by terra
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KBaby’s first ultrasound dated her pregnancy with an estimated “due date” of April 25th. All of my previous children’s early ultrasound dates had EDDs several days prior to when they actually arrived, and I felt confident she would follow the same pattern. I never even had the chance to get antsy, looking at the calendar, snarfing spicy foods, or trying every old wives’ tale in the book. KBaby surprised me.

The night I hit my 40 weeks mark, CBaby was especially fussy getting to bed. He nursed a bit, then told me he was all done. He laid on me, and I rocked him, for well over an hour. From time to time, I noticed a random contraction, and would ask him to stop fidgeting across my belly during them. These random contractions didn’t mean much to me- I had them with the boys for about a week, and with KBaby for a few days so far. They went well with my theory that I would see her at about 40 weeks and 4 or 5 days.

Maybe- *maybe*- as soon as 40 weeks 3 days.

I thought I still had plenty of time.

When I went to bed that night, I was not in labor. I put on my Hypnobabies, and fell asleep. I woke up, per usual, at some point after the CD ended, but stayed in bed. I woke up for my normal 3am bathroom run and Tums dosing, and went back to sleep. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

Around 5:30am, I had a contraction, but was still pretty much asleep, and thought I was just dreaming, or tightening my abdomen on my own. A second, good, strong contraction, a glance at the clock, I decided to go ahead and get up for the day. It probably WASN’T labor, I thought to myself, but I’d rather use this time to get some stuff done.

So, I woke up BBaby, and had her go lay down with CBaby. I turned off her alarm and headed downstairs to see if I was in labor, and start arranging things, just in case.

My husband had gone to bed earlyish the night before, but hadn’t slept soundly, and had been up for several hours. He was getting ready to head to bed when I came downstairs. I told him he ought to stay up, that I might be in labor. I think this was the point when I called one of my doulas, who had a very long drive ahead. I apologized to her, and promised to call again if things petered out, but that she should head over. (Just checked my call log- 5:55am. Within the next five minutes, I decided to call the midwife and my other two doulas.)

The next 20 minutes are kind of a blur. The midwife called back to let me know someone was on her way. We got the tub filled, and everything was moved out of the areas I expected to labor and birth in. Supplies were taken out of the basket and started being set up. And then… I received another call from the midwife. Another mom was in labor, and all of the midwifes expect the one were unavailable. I would need to go in to the birth center- and my midwife, Hope, had already been rerouted there.

I was not happy, but I understood this was a possibility. I asked what I needed to bring. She told me the birth kit. I said (whined) that it was already scattered. She said, at a minimum, clothes for you, and clothes for the baby- we have supplies at the center. I hung up, and started to try to get things packed. My husband made the decision to have his parents come and pick up the kids. I wanted to keep CBaby with us. He went upstairs to get them up and ready. Very suddenly, I felt very foggy-headed. I was indecisive, and scatter-brained. I felt conflicted and uncertain, and contractions were coming faster and were hard to deal with. I couldn’t even finish getting dressed. I decided to get into the tub, to see if that would help calm me and slow down contractions. But, then I didn’t want to get out. At 6:28, I called the midwife, and when she called back four minutes later, I was in the tub, and starting another contraction. My husband just walked back in to check on me, and I handed him the phone, thinking he would know how to explain that I was having trouble, that I couldn’t stay on top of things, that I couldn’t get out the door. Of course, I had no way to convey this to him, so he told the midwife that I was in the tub. I could hear her on the phone, firmly instructing him to get me out of the tub and to the birth center *now*. He got me out of the tub, but I was still whiny and arguing that I didn’t want to have the baby in the car, I just wanted to sit on the toilet. I was trying, but it was so hard to overcome the complete internal rejection to the thought and actions involved in leaving my “nest”.

Eventually, a calm came over me. I could explain what needed to be packed (more or less). I even helped buckle CBaby in. I couldn’t find my shoes, so left the house barefoot. I put a chux pad on the seat, in case my water broke in the car. I reassured my husband (or maybe myself), that we would not have the baby in the car- that we would be fine to get to the birth center. On the road there, I even called (at 7:01) the cleaning person I was expecting at the house that morning, to tell her we needed to reschedule. I had several contractions in the car, but thankfully, none were “pushy”- just tightness and pressure.
I am not sure when we arrived at the birth center exactly, but walked slowly in. I was relieved to see one of my doulas had made it there before us. I remember CBaby was acting a little shy (so many people, so much activity), I reassuringly told him and my husband that there was a lobby where there were blocks CBaby really liked. They opened up the family room for him, while my midwife had me lay back to check where I was at before letting me into the tub. She told me I was complete with a bulging bag of waters. My husband walked back into this news, and didn’t really understand what this meant. I think the big take-away isn’t that I was ready to have a baby, but more interestingly, that I had probably ridden out transition at home, during that time between learning we needed to go to the birth center, and actually getting into the car to go there.

I got into the tub- one of my other doulas arrived around this time- and someone checked the baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler. She was super low already. My midwife gave us some basics about water birth- when the head came out, she’d check for a nuchal cord, and then my husband or I could just catch the baby. She suggested kind of sitting back, but I had trouble doing that. It was easier to lean forward a bit. Then there was this probably small stretch of time, when I just didn’t have any contractions at all. The room was completely silent except for the tick of a clock. It felt like everyone was waiting on me.

Eventually, I started contracting again. I had planned to just “breathe her out”, but I ended up being too impatient. Again. I pushed with my contractions, and felt my waters break. Another contraction, I felt her head move down. Another, she crowned. Finally, her head was out. The midwife checked for a cord, and gave us the go-ahead to deliver her shoulders. She slid out and onto the floor of the tub- apparently I cannot push and catch at the same time- but it was a slow, gentle slide, and I scooped her right up. She was born at 7:23am.

Her cord was a little short, so we ended up having me take my top off, and resting her more on my tummy, with towels covering her. I need to look at the video, but my memory of it was that she was very peaceful and alert. My third doula arrived right around this time, just missing the birth. We drained the tub and I hung out there until I delivered the placenta. Like with CBaby’s birth, we left it unclamped and attached for awhile. We all transported over the bed. At some point, we nursed. At some point, family was let back to see the baby. My doulas stayed and chatted, photographed and videoed, and helped with all the little things (making sure I was comfortable on the bed, making sure I was drinking apple juice). They rocked.

We stayed just under three hours, then headed back home, a family of six. It is still pretty surreal. I wish I had my home birth, but it was still a good birth and a good experience.
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    Beautiful story, Terra! I am so happy for you that you had such a beautiful birth experience despite the fact that you had to go to the birthing center. Part of me is envious because I never got to experience vaginal deliveries, but honestly I am just thrilled with the final outcome. I can just live vicariously through you.

    Congratulations again! :love
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    Posted 05-07-2021 at 11:08 AM by havi havi is offline
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