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7.5 year old girls and a husband rant

Posted 01-10-2009 at 01:04 PM by terra

This morning, the kids and I went out for a really pleasant brunch. Service was good, food was good, both kids actually ate, my eggs were AMAZING, especially considering my sense of taste is down to like 10% of normal thanks to being sick. It was all really nice.

I needed to pick up a couple of gifts for upcoming birthday parties, so we hit Target before going home.

The kids would NOT STOP ANNOYING each other. My son was totally instigating, but good lord, the girl kept letting him get her goat and push her over the edge. She walked through the store with fingers stuffed in her ears, kept getting right in his face to tell him to STOP TALKING! all kinds of dramatic bitchy stuff. Tattling, crying, complaining. It was awful, and no amount of reasoning with her calmed her down. I would have been more upset with her younger brother, but, dude, he was in a perfectly chipper mood, was not getting in her face, and is 2 years younger. She definitely could just have ignored the weird random noises he was making, and quite possibly gotten him to just stop talking entirely, because the little shit was obviously a little pleased at the big reactions he kept getting from her.

It peaked right as we were about to get in line, when she stubbornly refused to remove her elbow from the shopping cart, fingers still in her ears, loudly reprimanding her brother for almost tripping her! I took her arm, and moved her around the cart, to, ta da- the other side! On the way, instead of walking around, she planted her feet, lost balance, and thumped her noggin on the cart handle.

She started crying and coughing and hyperventilating. I sat her down, moved the cart out of the way, and sat down with her, rubbing her back and trying to get her to breath. In addition to other patrons staring and surely thinking what a monster I must be, we had a poor employee stop and ask if we needed help. And what was the monkey boy doing at this time? He was finally quiet, but still found a way to annoy the shit out his sister. He sat on my lap, adjacent to her, causing her to keep saying, G! GET OFF ME! He was not on her. :rolleyes

Anyway, she finally calms down, we check out, and leave. Under different circumstances, I probably would have just bailed and left, but she went from just a little obnoxious to full-out meltdown amazingly quickly, and right at the end. It would have been worse to abandon a full cart and leave with her in hysterics, I think.

So, when we get home, I briefly told my husband what had happened. Like, super briefly- as in, had a great brunch, G was annoying at the store, and B had a total meltdown. He does this thoughtful, "hmm." I ask him what. He says he can't imagine that happening if they were with him. I tell him, trust me, it would have. He says, no, he would have talked to them. I say, I talked to them. He says, YOU talk to them like a parent, stop stop stop- *I* talk to them and find out what is going on. I explain that I know what was going on. I remember being her age. I remember spoiling for the drama.

He is still quite confident that he would have been able to stop it before it started.


And I just realized how long and uninteresting this is, so will go ahead and instead post it as a blog. :fingah
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