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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Basic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:frown: Frown Frown
:nerd: Nerd Nerd
:smile2: Smile Smile
:x Kiss Kiss
:grin2: Big Grin Big Grin
:wink2: Wink Wink
:crying2: Crying Crying
>:) Devil Devil
:laugh2: Laugh Laugh
:| Serious Serious
:surprise2: EEK! Surprise EEK! Surprise
0:) Angel Angel
SyberMoms Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:vs_smirk: Vs Smirk Vs Smirk
:vs_OMG: Vs OMG Vs OMG
:vs_frown: Vs Frown Vs Frown
:wink: Wink Wink
:vs_blush: Vs Blush Vs Blush
:vs_smile: Vs Smile Vs Smile
:glasses: Glasses Glasses
:vs_no_no_no: Vs No No No Vs No No No
:vs_worry: Vs Worry Vs Worry
:devil: Devil Devil
:vs_cool: Vs Cool Vs Cool
:vs_wine: Vs Wine Vs Wine
:crying: Crying Crying
:vs_coffee: Vs Coffee Vs Coffee
:vs_whistle: Vs Whistle Vs Whistle
:vs_awed: Vs Awed Vs Awed
:vs_sad: Vs Sad Vs Sad
:biggrin: Biggrin Biggrin
:vs_cocktail: Vs Cocktail Vs Cocktail
:vs_wave: Vs Wave Vs Wave
:vs-kiss: Vs Kiss Vs Kiss
:vs_mad: Vs Mad Vs Mad
:vs_clouds: Vs Clouds Vs Clouds
:vs_unimpressed: Vs Unimpressed Vs Unimpressed
:surprise: Surprise Surprise
:vs_love: Vs Love Vs Love
:vs_closedeyes: Vs Closedeyes Vs Closedeyes
:smile: Smile Smile
:vs_clap: Vs Clap Vs Clap
:sad: Sad Sad
:vs_laugh: Vs Laugh Vs Laugh
:vs_sob: Vs Sob Vs Sob
:plain: Plain Plain
:vs_peek: Vs Peek Vs Peek
:vs_box: Vs Box Vs Box
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:vs_rain: Vs Rain Vs Rain
:vs_karate: Vs Karate Vs Karate
:vs_bulb: Vs Bulb Vs Bulb
:vs_snail: Vs Snail Vs Snail
:laugh: Laugh Laugh
:vs_peace: Vs Peace Vs Peace
:vs_gift: Vs Gift Vs Gift
:vs_cry: Vs Cry Vs Cry
:vs_bananasplit: Vs Bananasplit Vs Bananasplit
:vs_shocked: Vs Shocked Vs Shocked
:vs_music: Vs Music Vs Music
:vs_balloons: Vs Balloons Vs Balloons
:vs_shake: Vs Shake Vs Shake
:vs_moon: Vs Moon Vs Moon
:vs_mobile: Vs Mobile Vs Mobile
:vs_rocking_banana: Vs Rocking Banana Vs Rocking Banana
:angel: Angel Angel
:vs_rightHere: Vs RightHere Vs RightHere
:vs_sun: Vs Sun Vs Sun
:vs_lol: Vs Lol Vs Lol
:vs_stars: Vs Stars Vs Stars
:vs_poop: Vs Poop Vs Poop
:vs_cake: Vs Cake Vs Cake
Standard Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:vincent motorbike motorbike
:sun sun sun
:sumo sumo sumo
:banghead banghead banghead
:tin tinfoil tinfoil
:coffee coffee coffee
:soscary scared scared
:paclap clap clap
:fingah fingah fingah
:usa usa usa
:pickle Pickle Pickle
:hb Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
:steph stephanie stephanie
:beat beat beat
fsm fsm fsm
:blurib Abuse Ribbon Abuse Ribbon
Santa Santa Santa
:idea idea idea
:pinkrib pink ribbon pink ribbon
:flag flag flag
:ut undertable undertable
:exer treadmill treadmill
:hangman hangman hangman
:homer homer homer
:flower flower flower
:emo vemo vemo
:stfu stfu stfu
:axe axe axe
:geocache Geocache Geocache
:asskick asskick asskick
:ohsnap snap snap
:tool tool tool
:aussie aussie aussie
;) Wink Wink
:doh doh doh
:chew chew chew
/po passed out passed out
:hippy hippy hippy
:pa adorable adorable
:headbang headbang headbang
:purprib purple ribbon purple ribbon
:eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow
:shelob Shelob Shelob
:furious furious furious
:PMP pmp pmp
:quote quote quote
costia costia costia
:saggy saggy saggy
:threesome threesome threesome
:rice maggots maggots
:casshat Canadian Asshat Canadian Asshat
:rofl rofl rofl
:taunt taunt taunt
:popcorn popcorn popcorn
:2cents two cents two cents
:pilgrim Pilgrim Pilgrim
:moon moon moon
/ucrazy ucrazy ucrazy
:oink oink oink
:wtf wtf wtf
:2g1c 2g1c 2g1c
:google google google
:eggsperm conception conception
:cleans cleanschool cleanschool
:evile evile evile
:thigh thighmaster thighmaster
assoff assoff assoff
:flip flip flip
:girlbaby babygirl babygirl
:drama drama drama
:pmsing pmsing pmsing
:yousuck yousuck yousuck
:flame flame flame
:chicken roadkill roadkill
:sleepy sleep sleep
:skeered skeered skeered
:starsmoon starsmoon starsmoon
:contest pissing contest pissing contest
:turkey Turkey Turkey
:heart heart heart
/dance dancing monster dancing monster
:no nono nono
:stomp stomp stomp
:jackhamme vincent52 vincent52
:faint faint faint
:trash trash trash
:plussign plussign plussign
:nerd nerd nerd
:duel duel duel
:scrawny scrawny scrawny
:puddy :puddy :puddy
:eyefuck eyefuck eyefuck
:boybaby babyboy babyboy
:eggshells eggshells eggshells
:itsok itsok itsok
:flores flowers flowers
:D biggrin biggrin
:puke puke puke
:woohoo woohoo woohoo
:matrix matrix matrix
:lmao lmao lmao
:toetap toe tap toe tap
:roast roasting cherries roasting cherries
:jackoff jackoff jackoff
/cry cry cry
:whoops oops oops
:love love love
:hitfan hitfan hitfan
:canada canada canada
:disgust disgust disgust
:minivan minivan minivan
:censored censored censored
:tubhump tubhump tubhump
:laundry laundry laundry
:dumpass dumpass dumpass
:hello hello hello
:shake shake shake
:hula hula hula
:work Work Work
:tongue tongue tongue
:dunno :dunno :dunno
:paranoia paranoia paranoia
:bj polepolish polepolish
:shitter shitter shitter
:vampire dracula dracula
:tunasmack tunasmack tunasmack
:dig dig deeper dig deeper
:kissbutt kissbutt kissbutt
:redface redface redface
:hurl hurl hurl
:liah liah liah
:good doG good doG good doG
:evilbat evilbat evilbat
:bookworm bookworm bookworm
:blush blush blush
:deadhorse deadhorse deadhorse
:ha haha haha
:gandalf Gandalf Gandalf
:ducttape ducttape ducttape
:baby baby baby
:panic panic panic
:clap clap clap
:) happy happy
:opus Opus Opus
:lol lol lol
:brando dead dead
:refusal refusal refusal
:ss salty salty
:stress stress stress
:kiss kiss kiss
:~~ hurl hurl
:preggo preggo preggo
:sneaky sneaky sneaky
:sheep sheep sheep
ipod ipod ipod
:stupid stupid stupid
:angel Angel Angel
:eye eye eye
:pointylol pointylol pointylol
:catholic Priest Priest
:drunk drunk drunk
:asiaboobs asian boobs asian boobs
:gossip gossip gossip
:ribbon ribbon ribbon
:( sad sad
:batshit Batshit Batshit
:cond condescend condescend
:drool drool drool
:outta outtahere outtahere
:witeboobs white boobs white boobs
:rollingpin rollingpin rollingpin
:chip chipper chipper
:kick kick kick
:wt wt wt
:earworm earworm earworm
:? ponder ponder
:CAM driving driving
:cousin cuzcock cuzcock
:fos fos fos
:horse horse horse
:ita ita ita
:bow bow bow
:telly :telly :telly
:jackleg jackleg jackleg
:darkboobs darkboobs darkboobs
:cherry cherry cherry
:hmm hmm hmm
:spit spit3 spit3
back pedal backpedal backpedal
:hair Hairpull Hairpull
:hmpf hmpf hmpf
:eek eek eek
:coco Coco Coco
:wanker wanker wanker
:omg omg omg
:twitch twitch twitch
:lies lies lies
:water water water
:pimp pimp pimp
:hypocrit hypocrit hypocrit
:sister sister sister
:pissoff pissoff pissoff
:quiver quiverfull quiverfull
:high five High Five High Five
:meth meth meth
:envy envy envy
:organic crunchy crunchy
:jester jester jester
:skippy :skippy :skippy
:goldbow Gold Bow Gold Bow
:crybaby crybaby crybaby
:sandbox sandbox sandbox
:cross crossfingers crossfingers
:texas Texas Flag Texas Flag
:fu Fuck you Fuck you
:bw bandwagon monkey bandwagon monkey
:confused Confused Confused
:yarn yarn yarn
:thanks thanks thanks
:soapbox soapbox soapbox
:tm Turtle Monkey Turtle Monkey
:eyepop eyepop eyepop
:sm Sybermoms Sybermoms
:boozing boozing boozing
:snicker snicker snicker
:sickbed Sick n bed Sick n bed
:grope grope grope
:peace peace peace
/turkey roastturkey roastturkey
:highfive High Five High Five
dunO duno duno
:troops troops troops
:gift gift gift
:irock :irock :irock
:oldbox Old Old
:crackwhor crackwhore crackwhore
:kookoo kookoo kookoo
:crack crack crack
:uk uk flag uk flag
:banana Banana Banana
:duck duck duck
:mad Frown Frown
:toobad Too bad Too bad
:vegan vegan vegan
:stretch stretch stretch
:onaboat onaboat onaboat
:nursey nursey nursey
:razz razz razz
:chill chillpill chillpill
:cuss cuss cuss
:mutiny mutiny mutiny
:flaming flaming flaming
:crazycow crazycow crazycow
:twuluv Romance Romance
:liteboobs liteboobs liteboobs
clotfarm clotfarm clotfarm
:sunshine sunshine sunshine
:bask bask bask
:meatcave meatcave meatcave
boobarama boob boob
:sushi sushi sushi
:chair pull up a chair pull up a chair
:winner Winner Winner
:flaps flaps flaps
:sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle
:shudder shudder shudder
:curlers curlers curlers
:poopyhead poopy poopy
:autism autism awareness autism awareness
:tub tub tub
:happyfeet tap2 tap2
:asshat Asshat Asshat
:legs cancan cancan
:tap tap1 tap1
:huh huh huh
:pud Pudin Pudin
broken borken borken
mama blah k blah k
:losah losah losah
:prince jane jane
:train train wreck train wreck
:doucheva doucheva doucheva
mamashack blah karolle blah karolle
:mug coffee coffee
:knit knitting knitting
:skeleton skeleton skeleton
:shack shack attack shack attack
:piw poopinwoods poopinwoods
diva lube lube
:ticky ticky ticky
:walking walking ribbin walking ribbin
:admin Dirty Admin Dirty Admin
:troll troll troll
:gaylord Gaylord Gaylord
:fatmags fatmags fatmags
:irish Irish Irish
:nursebook nursebook nursebook
:inquisiti inquisition inquisition
:jizz Jizztrap Jizztrap
:special special special
:haldol Haldol Haldol
pnoo pnoo pnoo
gay man gay man gay man
:Walmart walmart walmart
:sdn simmah simmah
:sothere my spinoff board is not a spinoff board my spinoff board is not a spinoff board
dunkin Dunkin Dunkin
birk shutuphippy shutuphippy
:swell done for you done for you
:cat cat cat
:kneel bow to me bow to me
:colonic colonic colonic
:ass my spinoff board kicks ass my spinoff board kicks ass
spinoff my spinoff board my spinoff board
catgifting catgift catgift
:flu hbw hbw
:lounge Lounge Lounge
Tami tami tami
:knockuout knockout knockout
:skim skim skim
Magblue Magblue Magblue
:yummy yummy yummy
:rage rage rage
uofmom uofmom2 uofmom2
darkmark The Dark Mark The Dark Mark
:bs bullshit bullshit
:ghey Ghey Ghey
brando brando brando
Geoff Geoff Geoff
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