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09-12-2011 07:59 AM
terra I was looking for melatonin dosage for a friend, and came across this
09-12-2011 07:42 AM
terra Dammit, I used the wrong one. Affect breastfeeding. It has this effect. Gah.
09-12-2011 07:41 AM
terra I think he sounds like he is doing fine, nutritionally, and don't think this will result in a supply drop so marked that it ends breastfeeding. I have noticed all of my babies and many of my friends babies get very fussy nursing right around that time- the top teeth really effect nursing, and they have to relearn a good latch- and then there is so much MORE the are noticing about the world, that they want to be down and doing and seeing (this happens around 4 months, too, and both times will often cause sleep hiccups)- and they are often becoming more mobile at that time- progressive rolling, scootching, or crawling. They are also pretty efficient nursers usually at that age. They usually will pick up a couple nursing sessions when separation anxiety kicks in/back in.

For pumping, depending on how much time/money/effort you want to put into it, there are things you can do. Pumping at a consistent time is huge. As a SAHM, I never had the need nor structure, and thus never really got good at producing for the pump. Bah. I did find I could get a LOT off the side the kid did not nurse on, first thing in the morning.

For supply, I like Goat's Rue. I have not heard of any contraindications for it, but you would still want to check with your doctor or an IBCLC first, of course. Way better booster than fenugreek. Oh, and a diet with enough fiber and complex carbohydrates. For milk ejection, like for the pump, adding red raspberry leaf helps.

For more on pumping technique:
09-12-2011 05:14 AM
Dr. Nurse I agree on the protein before bed. I noticed a marked difference in how long her first sleep stretch is if I get a good amount of protein (yogurt organic baby dinners from earths best with turkey etc.) into her before bed. I know 90 percent of the time when she wakes up she is hungry.
09-11-2011 08:19 AM
wren I would totally have dh give him a big fat bottle of breast milk or your Dr. Sears goat concoction after nursing him in the evening. See if doing that for a couple of weeks will A) fill up his tummy more for a better nighttime stretch and B) let him get used to your dh getting him to sleep. That way he may be able to deal with some of the middle of the night stuff so you can get a bit more sleep. Also, if his teeth are bothering him at night I would give him a nice big dose of ibuprofen right before bed. That should buy him a good 6 pain free hours. The other thing we stated doing with Nick when he began eating more and more table food was to make sure he had a big snack offered to him about 1/2 an hour before bed. Lots of protein like sliced turkey, cheese, egg, yogurt, etc. and maybe some fruit too. He slept much better after we started doing that.

I was convinced that Nick was weaning himself at 8-9 months too. I was in such a panic my friends, ped, dh had to talk me down on a regular basis for quite a few weeks (months ). I went out and bought a fancy breat pump witch did me no good; in the little time I had to pump I got squat. Long story short, he's now 20 months. He eats like a longshoreman and nurses every time I sit down. . I'm glad we stuck it out and I just offered up the boobs as much as I could.
09-08-2011 05:40 AM
nursing decrease/ strike?

Originally Posted by 47 is Pleonasm View Post
He's 9 months old, right? That's about when I hit overload with all 3 of mine. Can your husband pull the late-night duty for two or three nights in a row and focus on your getting as much sleep a possible? It can reset you wonderfully.
He is 8.5 mos yes. He just never sleeps for any stretch. He is just recovering from another UTI and I hoped he would start sleeping at least three hour stretches again but no.

I can't sleep through his crying so unless I go get a hotel room there is no point waking dh up, but right now I am back in bed with plans to take a 3 hr nap.

09-08-2011 05:36 AM
nursing decrease/ strike?

Other than fertility treatment created bleeds, I didn't have many real periods between the two kids. Maybe four in ten years.

09-07-2011 02:20 PM
OverTheTop I am incredibly jealous that you still don't have your period back. Mine was back eight weeks after Jackson was born.

The ped sounds pretty smart to me.
09-07-2011 06:27 AM
Patsit per = pediatrician.
09-07-2011 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by Yummy! View Post
in conclusion, I think I get all worked up when I don't get enough sleep and at 5 am everything seems like a problem.
This is very true for me. I've had quite a few panic attacks at 3am when I wake up and can't go back to sleep.

The advice here. Your per sounds like a good egg.
09-07-2011 05:55 AM
47 is Pleonasm He's 9 months old, right? That's about when I hit overload with all 3 of mine. Can your husband pull the late-night duty for two or three nights in a row and focus on your getting as much sleep a possible? It can reset you wonderfully.
09-07-2011 05:21 AM
Yummy! in conclusion, I think I get all worked up when I don't get enough sleep and at 5 am everything seems like a problem.

09-06-2011 09:51 PM
Yummy! the ped said "he isn't maggie, he isn't the same baby, 3 good nursing sessions a day is plenty, keep feeding him good food and if it makes you feel better give him a multivitamin."

09-06-2011 09:49 PM
Yummy! no period back.

09-06-2011 07:12 PM
47 is Pleonasm have you gotten your period yet? It could also be a hormonal shift as your body adjust to decreased feedings. My supply always dropped right before my period came back.
09-06-2011 07:07 PM
Dr. Nurse I don't know, how's that for a fabulous answer . He's around a month younger than Izzy right? She's been more or less decreasing sessions for a month now, pretty much since her mobility increased. She still loves food though. She will not take a bottle at daycare, or a sippy . So pretty much she's been nursing in the morning, when I pick her up, a few sips here and there then at bedtime. I think she's going to wean herself before a year. Teething could definitely have something to do with it (she nursed more when the teeth were coming in but ate less food), increased mobility, increased awareness like everything's more interesting than nursing etc.
09-06-2011 03:36 AM
Yummy! oh other relevant facts:
- he is teething four teeth on top all at once
- he is a fatty fat fat and there is no concern with weight gain
- he is peeing plenty

09-06-2011 03:34 AM
nursing decrease/ strike?

I can't tell if this is a "ride it out" kind of nursing strike, or a true decrease due to what he is eating. I basically am wondering if actual nursings 2-3 times a day, with a few very short nursings in between, is enough for him or if I need to really work on getting him nursing more. When he has a full feed I can hear him swallowing, etc. I feel like his nursing has decreased sharply over the past two weeks.

He drinks water out of a cup. He used to completely refuse a bottle, now he will drink thawed frozen breastmilk out of a bottle OR cup, but not formula. I completely am not able to successfully pump all of a sudden.

He seems to have digestive issues with dairy based formula and has a marked intolerance to soy. (However cow yogurt hasn't been a huge problem for him, so the dairy formula thing might have been a coincidence.)

Is this a drop in milk supply, a nursing strike, or just a normal decrease? He eats lots of foods, all day long, including 5% fat (goat) yogurt and a good variety of veggies and fruits. We did mix up one batch of goat milk 'formula' and he really liked that and eagerly the small servings he was offered.

DH wants to make Dr Sears' goat milk formula to offer him in a cup and offer him the breast first and top up with the cup. I am thinking I might want to do some kind of nursing boot camp and get him drinking more breastmilk, not more goat milk.

We are seeing the ped either today or tomorrow and I will of course talk about this with her.

What do you say?

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